Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shifting Dimensions : Jay Weidner On 2012 & The Cyclic Cross Of Hendaye

After encountering the book The Mysteries of the Cathedrals by the anonymous author "Fulcanelli," Jay Weidner's life transformed from that of scientist/skeptic to researcher/alchemist. Through films, periodicals, journals and public talks, his quest became one of discovery and dissemination of knowledge via "the Bringers of the Light" -- an inner circle of humanity that Jay states has always existed to lead mankind to our highest conscious evolution. In Shifting Dimensions "2012 and the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye," Jay explores the messages of the Cross of Hendaye and the alchemy of the Gothic Cathedrals with a special emphasis for the shifting time we live in.

In this video, Jay Weidner is interviewed by Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions on CCTV54 from Louisville, CO.

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