Saturday, May 30, 2009

2012 We're Already In It Movie by Patty Greer

Patty Greer's 2012 We're Already In It offers a rich medley of interpretations of the Mayan prophecies and addresses many signs of oncoming earth changes. The movie also won the Coveted 2009 EBE Award For 'Best Feature Film - UFO or related at the International UFO Congress Convention.

A huge carved stone was unearthed in the Maya lands of Mexico in 1790. It was covered with glyphs, a writing of the ancient Mayans. They called it the Aztec Sunstone or Calendar Stone. The Mayan people knew about 2012 by reading the stars and listening to the voice of the Earth. They preserved their knowledge and their prophecies on this stone.

Here's the trailer ... towards the end there is an awesome picture of Orbs we see on digital camera photos !

Film Maker Patty Greer traveled through Europe and around the USA asking respected lecturers, writers and researchers (of 2012 specifically) for their perceptions and conclusions. We offer you the most inspiring ones.

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2012 We're Already In It Movie by Patty Greer November 25, 2009 at 7:31 PM  

"2012-We're Already In It" Movie by Patty Greer is available at It is an amaZing film!

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