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UFOs Sunspot Cycles CMEs : Nassim Haramein

In the following video, Nassim Haramein is featured on a TV show discussing how massive UFOs are using our Sun as a Stargate and how there is a direct co-relation between these UFOs entering the Sun and the CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) that follow soon after, as also seen in the video evidence captured on NASA's SOHO probe which observes solar activity round the clock. This video excerpt is taken from Weird or What, a TV series hosted by William Shatner.

Towards the end of the video William Shatner rather over dramatizes the whole UFO and CME connection as though these occurrences were intended to harm the Earth in some way, which could otherwise be seen as a natural occurrence ... in Galactic terms ! These plasma ejections however do pose a threat to our worlds' electronic devices and could also cause a massive blackout, perhaps also disrupting the usual flow of food supplies and other stuff our world runs on ... All this change will definitely bring humanity together as ONE, as we collectively awaken to a new reality and begin co-creating our new world !

Also, quite interestingly Nassim also mentions in one of his early videos (Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library Talk) that during his research he found out that the NASA SOHO probe was owned by the Vatican, who recently released a public statement about how it is ok to believe in the existence of our space brothers ! Hmmmm ... :)

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Friday, November 18, 2011

9th Wave Mayan Calendar : World Oneness Revolution !

Practically the whole world strongly experienced the frequency increase associated with the beginning of the Ninth wave (Universal Underworld, Mar 9th, 2011) as this manifested in the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing events. But what is this Ninth wave about?

It is easy to see the “chaos” and “catastrophes,” but maybe not so easy to see the overall direction of the process that it carries. I have previously only described the direction of the Ninth wave in very general terms saying that it is about unity consciousness, but exactly what is unity consciousness and how will this manifest through this wave?

To understand this we may begin by studying the Seventh wave that began in 1755 and brought an endarkened unity consciousness to mankind. The Ninth wave also brings a unity consciousness, but one that is enlightened. We have already found a significant parallel between these two waves in that they began with huge Earthquakes, although those as is reasonable, occurred at opposite sides of the Earth, in Lisbon and Japan respectively. Another parallel is that the two waves have started with revolutions to topple existing systems. While the Seventh wave began with the American and French revolutions, whose anti-monarchic nature gradually has spread throughout the world, the revolutions of the Ninth wave have not only rejected monarchic rule, but the phenomenon of dominance and rule over others as such. Thus the Oneness field of consciousness (see below) carried by the Ninth wave will not allow for systems where people give their power away to someone they have elected every four years or so. A deeper freedom based on the sovereignty of all souls is now being called for.

Moreover, the Oneness field of consciousness will not allow for an economic system where the power to print money determines what activities people spend their lives with. The world revolution carried by the Ninth wave potentially develops a much deeper freedom and oneness than either the monarchy of the sixth wave or the democratic institutions of the seventh wave. The driving force behind the world revolution of the ninth wave is the divine guidance that the unity consciousness allows. What is happening in the world today could thus be described equally well in religious/spiritual terms or economic/political. The chief point to realize is that ultimately the course of events, and the breakdown of dominance, is a result of a cosmic plan that has been described by the nine levels of the Mayan calendar with their different polarities (see figure below). Since no human being has any power to change these polarities the overall direction of the cosmic time plan is irreversible.

This consciousness of the Ninth wave was as expected first evident around the midline of the planet at the 12th longitude East between East and West. The opposing polarities of consciousness generated by the 6th and 8th waves led to the collapse of dominance along this line already at the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld on November 3, 2010 and two months later the processes surfaced in Tunisia and Egypt. The revolutions there were much aided by the social media networks that had been developed by the Eighth wave, but also showed the emerging role of women and a unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt where people were singing “we are all one” in Kairo. (That some of this might have been temporarily reversed does not change the overall direction of where things are going).

This oneness revolution is now spreading notably to a few European nations such as Portugal, Greece and Spain. At first sight this may not seem to be part of the oneness revolution as the demands raised by people are mostly economical and directed against austerity plans determined by the EU and/or IMF/World Bank etc. Yet, the economic system of the world is far from based on oneness and separates people in haves and have-nots and many are now finding this unacceptable. These European nations are also, like Arab North Africa, located around the planetary midline and so they are participating in the process at a relatively early point of the Ninth wave. As the Ninth wave continues more and more aspects of our world that are inconsistent with oneness will be highlighted and events, sometimes forced upon us by catastrophes like the one in Japan, will trigger calls for radical change. Technologies, which are not based on unity with the Earth will increasingly come to be rejected. The Ninth wave will however not generate a linear process of change towards oneness and people in the far West (like the US) and far East (China) are going to be affected in ways that are different from what happens in Europe or the Arab world.

Regarding the West here are currently discussions going on as to when a very likely collapse of the value of the US dollar will take place (which may be looked upon as part of the Oneness revolution) and some people think that it is natural that it will happen in the Fifth night (August 18 - September 4). My own view is however different and I tend to think that a dollar collapse may come to happen in steps during days 3, 4 and 5. Since such a collapse is not destructive from the perspective of Oneness it seems logical to me that it would manifest in a day or a series of days. I instead tend to think that the fifth night may come to carry a temporary return to the old monetary system in some form, which from the perspective of the Earth is what is dangerous.

Assuming that we are approaching a collapse of the value of the dollar and the world’s monetary system (with the immense distress it would probably mean) it is truly time to think about what this should or could be replaced with. Understandably, many people ask how they should protect themselves as individuals from such a collapse and find ways of investing constructively. This may or may not be possible even if there are suggestions as to how to do it on the Internet. The deeper question is to ask how to respond as a planet to a monetary collapse in a situation where the new consciousness of oneness will not allow dominance based on money to return, at least not in the long term. This is by definition not a discussion that the mainstream media will bring up since it would risk precipitating the events that it seeks to avoid.

On my own part I essentially see three different systems that could replace the current use of money if there is a monetary collapse. The first is that all people go on and continue to do what they already have been doing and ignore the fact that there is no exchange of money between them. The farmers continue to produce food, the truck drivers continue to deliver it to the cities, people stay in their homes without paying rents or mortgages, etc without any exchange of money taking place between them. This is probably the best response to a monetary collapse, but it would hardly be consistent with existing laws and contracts based on lower levels of consciousness. It would naturally also create problems for many people who have primarily been working with handling money if this is no longer used and it is naïve to believe that such a shift could happen without much conflict. A second alternative way to deal with a monetary collapse would be to create a system of food stamps or rationing that would allow for everyone to have a secured access to the necessities of life. A third alternative is to create local currencies as a basis of exchange. The problem with this is that it would not include the many people that are too young or old or are sick or disabled to be able to offer exchangeable services. There may be other alternative ways to handle a monetary collapse and these are only a few hints in a discussion that I think is now necessary as to how to respond to a such with a perspective of serving the whole.

The above remarks also have as a consequence a very different definition of oneness than many currently have and give more emphasize to its practical manifestations than to the mental or spiritual state of an individual. This is not to say that methods that may help individuals attain states of unity consciousness would not be valuable. In fact I believe that to be successful the world revolution that has not started must be divinely guided, and be based on a desire by its participants to serve the divine plan. Yet, this definition of oneness does imply that a world of oneness cannot be created without a practical collective effort. After all, who we are is largely defined by our relationships and so only by transforming the nature o our relationships with others in a very profound and practical way can a world in harmony be born. No one knows how this world oneness revolution will play out in its details, but we know that it is irreversible and that it is likely to intensify as we approach the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. This incidentally is the time when the comet Elenin is at its shortest distance from Earth and if nothing else this may serve to guide us to cosmic consciousness in a spiritual sense, which ultimately is what this political and economical change provides a basis for. The completion date of the Mayan calendar however only means that the “final field” of consciousness is then established on our planet. It does seem likely that it will then still take some “time” after this date until a harmonious world settles, but “time” will then never again be the same.

Carl Johan Calleman,
Seattle, WA
On the day 10 Alligator and the third day
of the third day of the Ninth wave (May 22, 2011)

Source : Calleman

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Monday, November 7, 2011

2012 Choice Point : The Movie

"Choice Point" is a feature-length documentary film which probes the issues of transformational change and how when one person transforms his or her own life, that person can contribute in a positive way to the shaping of the world.

The world is facing multiple"choice points"at this moment in history: individuals are making choices to change their nations, nature is giving us a wake-up call, economies are struggling, and for many of us the future looks uncertain.

Yet people are also rallying to make choices and to have a voice, awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Each of us has the potential to be agents of change, and Choice Point is a film that endeavors to be an agent of change itself.

Our film sends a message of hope. As so many great philosophers have said, change starts with the self, and then ripples out to have a positive effect on the world. Greater personal well-being translates into greater well-being for all of us. However the larger question is ...

"How does one make lasting positive changes?"

The film answers this most important of questions by weaving together inspirational personal stories by public figures, from sports stars to statesmen to businesspeople, with discussions by a range of experts, from scientists to philosophers, about the dynamics of change.

The film features major visionaries and inspirational figures of our times, every one of whom has overcome challenges and obstacles in his or her personal life or field of endeavour to reach the pinnacle of success. To do so they have had to shift beliefs, abandon or change self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, take action, and persevere. In every case, their transformation was not only personal but also collective, for as they reached their goals and bettered their own lives, they also shared their gifts with the world-and continue to do so, making major positive social contributions.

In addition, Choice Point presents scientists and philosophers who explain in layman's language revolutionary theories of about the dynamics of change. They help us not only to revise our understanding of the world in which we live, but also to see how our thoughts and actions shape and transform the reality of our world at every level, from the personal to the global Choice Point explores the stages of change: 1) understanding our world, 2) aligning your purpose, and then 3) being the change you want to see in the world.

A message of hope and a template for transformation.

The goal of Choice Point is to inspire viewers and motivate them to examine their own lives and begin the journey of personal transformation, so that they too can reach out to make meaningful contributions to the world. In addition to the interviews with figures of renown who have changed their own lives and made positive contributions to the world, we will examine belief-change processes and the underlying "nature of reality" as explained by the latest research and theories from science, psychology, philosophy and other fields of inquiry. The film seeks to be an agent of change itself by providing a message of hope and inspiration, and guidance for undertaking the transformational process.

Choice Point movie will be released in February 2012.

Choice Point 2012 : An Essay by Gregg Braden

Does the ancient Mayan calendar hold the secret to an epic event that will occur within our lifetimes? If so, does that event hold the key to our future, and perhaps even our very survival? A growing body of evidence suggests that the answer to these questions is, Yes. Now we must ask ourselves, Why?

Now we have the information, and the language, that may answer our question as to the significance of December 21, 2012. From the 8,000-year-old Hindu Vedas and the 5,000-year-old Hebrew calendar to the indigenous prophecies of Asia and the Americas, ancient traditions suggest that something really big will happen during our time in history. It is important to note that there is nothing in any of the prophecies that tells us unconditionally that the world itself will end on this date. What they do say is that the world as we have known it will enter a time of change on this date. How we respond to that change will define how we experience it and our lives in the next age of our existence.

What sets the Mayan prophecy apart from the general predictions of other cultures is that it has an expiration date that occurs in our lifetime. The last cycle of the intangible Mayan calendar corresponds to a series of tangible events, some of which are already happening today. Here is what we know for certain:

* The end of the Mayan Great Cycle marks a rare alignment of our planet, our solar system and the center of our galaxy - one that will not occur again for another 26,000 years.
* On March 10, 2006, a cycle of solar storms ended and a new cycle began. It is predicted to peak in 2012, with an intensity of 30 to 50 percent greater than previous cycles.
* Scientists agree that Earth's magnetic fields are weakening quickly, and some suspect that we are in the early stage of a polar reversal.
* Correlations between the magnetic fields of the Earth and human experience suggest that it is easier for us to accept change and adapt to new ideas in weaker fields of magnetism.
* Recent validation of quantum principles proves that the way we perceive our world - our beliefs about our experience - strongly influences our physical reality.

With these facts in mind, the December 21 solstice of 2012 appears to be a great cosmic window of opportunity. The opportunity is for us to benefit from our individual and collective experiences of the last 5,000 years of history, while releasing the destructive beliefs that have created disease in our bodies and limited our lifespan, led to the differences that have separated us, justified the great wars of history, and destroyed portions of our world. Such a possibility exists only when all the parameters needed for such a change converge into a single window of time. The 2012 end-date appears to be just such a time.

If (1) the presence of low magnetic fields primes us to adapt to change and accept new experiences, (2) the loss of Earth's magnetic shield allows the direct influence of high-energy fields that are normally deflected to bring change, and (3) both are happening in the general time of the 26,000-year galactic alignment, then it is as if the cosmos has conspired to shower us with the power of what Jose Arguelles called the galactic "synchronization beam." What a rare and bizarre opportunity. How we receive this opportunity is the choice that we are making today.

In 2005, Scientific American published a special edition titled Crossroads for Planet Earth, which identified a number of scenarios that, left unchecked, hold the potential to end life on Earth as we know it today. The point of the issue was that while any one of the scenarios is catastrophic, they are all happening today. Clearly the choices of war, depletion of resources, genocide, technology abuse and fossil fuel technology are not sustainable for another millennium. To change the way we live, we must change the way we believe. Such a change can only come from a powerful and holistic view of who we are in the universe. Of the many things that 2012 represents, it may offer an unprecedented window of precisely such an opportunity.

Are we heading toward a time of unprecedented catastrophe, 1,000 years of peace, or both? No one knows for sure. While the solar cycles and magnetic reversals are very real, and have definitely happened in our ancient past, they have never happened while 6.5 billion people lived on the planet, and certainly not with the majority of those people dependent upon the technology of power grids, communications, computers and global positioning satellites. Just as uncertainty accompanies any birth, we simply don't know what our birth into such a monumental experience may mean to life, technology, our emotions and our bodies.

We do know, however, that ancient humans may have experienced similar, though less-intense cycles, some that may have even occurred as recently as 10,000 years ago. While biblical and oral traditions suggest that such a time is certainly not "business as usual," the fact that people lived to record these cycles tells us that such events are survivable. The new discoveries linking the physics of belief with reality also tell us that how we feel about our experience has a direct effect upon what we actually experience. For our date with 2012, this suggests that if we live life focused upon all of the bad things that may happen, we will miss the joyous experiences that may actually keep those bad things from happening.

Today, when you ask the Mayan descendants what happened to their ancestors, they will tell the story of the generation of time-keepers who, one day, left their temples, observatories and pyramids, walked into the jungles and simply "vanished," returning to the place from where they had come. Regardless of what their story means to us, it is clear that whoever those original Maya were, they knew something in their time that we are just beginning to understand in ours. The key to their message is that their secret was more than the precise representation of time on a stone slab. The one piece of their wisdom that they could not inscribe into their hieroglyphic message is precisely the piece that gives meaning to the end of their cycle. The piece of their wisdom is us and whether we can embrace the fact that we are a family in this world, very possibly part of a greater family in the cosmos, and that the "gestation" that Jose Arguelles describes as our experience in history is complete.

From these perspectives, the solstice of December 21, 2012, becomes a powerful window for our collective emergence into our greatest potential. Such a moment is so rare that we have been preparing for it for over 5,000 years, and it will be another 26,000 years before the same opportunity cycles around again. As the source of our light, our sun, moves into perfect alignment with the center of our galaxy, are we ready to receive the greatest gift of all - the gift of our true selves? The stage is set, the choice is ours, the cosmos is waiting. Do we have the wisdom to marry science, history, tradition and belief into the miracle that awaits us on December 21, 2012?

Excerpted from Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities with permission by Sounds True, New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Braden presents "The Divine Matrix: Re-Writing the Reality Code" on Dec. 7-8 in Portland. Visit

Reference : Choice Point

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