Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2012 : Startling New Secrets Documentary

Sci-Fi Channel's new documentary titled 2012 : Startling New Secrets ... featuring Richard Hoagland, John Major Jenkins, David Wilcock and Gregg Braden among other prominent researchers and experts in the field ...

Here are the rather sensationalized release notes for '2012 : Startling New Secrets' ....

Massive earthquakes. Giant tidal waves. Super volcanoes exploding. Raging firestorms. These are just a few visions of a global apocalypse that some say will happen on December 21, 2012. That's when the eerily accurate Mayan calendar will come to a sudden end. That ancient calendar is causing a modern day panic. People around the world fear that our planet faces a catastrophe never seen before in human history.

What can we do to prepare for 2012-and what has already been done? New theories are emerging that the U.S. and other governments may have conspired to hide the disturbing facts from the public, in part to prevent global panic. Some are claiming the U.S. government actually has a secret project to try and prevent an Apocalypse. A few aren't waiting for the government to solve the problem. They take these dire predictions so seriously they're preparing for the worst ... selling their homes and moving to undisclosed locations across the globe.

But there is dispute about what that mysterious Mayan date really means. Some say it's not a new Armageddon, but the dawn of a New Age.

So, what is the truth behind 2012?

Join host Lester Holt as he explores whether the ancient Mayans predicted a possible cataclysm in 2012 and if they could be right. The key to understanding 2012, and possibly surviving it, could be hidden halfway around the world beneath the desert sands.

We will travel to Egypt with a mission to discover an ancient Hall of Records believed buried near the pyramids that could reveal secret knowledge about past cataclysms and clues about how we might be able to avert future ones. We'll also travel to Central America on a mission to discover the origins of the 2012 prophecy and to find out what it's authors really intended. We will use clues from ancient knowledge combined with modern-day science to uncover the mysteries 2012. It is a race against the clock and mankind's very existence could hang in the balance. Is this a prophecy a death sentence... or perhaps merely a warning? Join us as we attempt to find out the truth behind 2012.

David Wilcock's Live Blog on 2012 : Startling New Secrets ...

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Anonymous June 23, 2010 at 12:32 AM  

Interesting information presented from many view points.

I guess more than anything we have gone through so many "Ends of our World". I mean the world is changing so fast and technology advances make our world as we viewed them end. For example you can be in contact with anyonw 24/7 if you have cell phone or internet connection.
I belive this is what the changes are about. Our daily lives dying. Jobs and careers change so fast that you need to retrain most of the time. Even if you do not have to change a career your field will requier constant training and many a time what was tought becomes obsolete or not true en 1-3 years.

WE are living the changes so buckle up and prepare.

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