Friday, September 19, 2008

Diane Hall : What's happening in 2012 !

A friend asked me this week what I thought about 2012 and whether I believed that there’s going to be a massive energy shift and a global re-awakening in consciousness at this time. Almost as soon as I began to reply, I felt the answer dawning on me from elsewhere, as the gentle rain of inspiration, once again, began to settle upon my heart and mind like those blessed drops of love, falling from the heavens.

Yes, there will be a massive shift in consciousness and, yes, the evidence is clear that we are already in the midst of it. However, we need to stop putting our energy into, once again, imagining that there is some specific date on which “something” “happens” which is somehow, sudden, surprising, new and bewilderingly outside of our collective consciousness and control.

Yes we are already in the midst of great change and, yes, we are indeed, currently, already witnessing the dawning of a new and glorious age in the consciousness and evolution of humanity, and it is something that WE are is not being done TO us and neither is it waiting to leap out at us at any particular pre-scribed moment. It is already within, without and all around about us!!

Neither is it some new and surprising thing, for there is, indeed, nothing new under the sun, and what we are in fact in the midst of, is simply a returning to the blissful state of that which we already, truly are. My guide describes the wonderful times we are now living through as a kind of birthing PROCESS in which we are bringing into fruition this wonderful new time about which we so often speculate.

When a mother is expecting a child, she is already a mother long before the birth of that child. Yes, even before that child comes into being, if she is even minutely perceptive, she will, on some subtle, vibrational and emotional levels, already have an awareness of its being and its holistic spiritual essence... and SUCH is the very nature of our current times.

We sense great change all around us and have an inkling of an essence of an idea of what this wonderful time holds for us and yet, in truth, it us not until we truly hold that baby in our loving arms that we will begin to understand its awesome potential, its breathtaking beauty and its inexplicable ability to move us to great and courageous acts of selfless love and kindness.

Throughout the gestation period, the mother might be only vaguely aware of her ability to shape and to influence the nature of her child with what she puts into her body and what she allows into her mind; the thoughts she chooses to think and the loving intention she chooses to send in the direction of the beloved, growing foetus, through feelings, foods, moods and music. When that child is born, whether it arrives on time or slightly before or after the date circled on the calendar, the mother knows that the birth is not an end, not some inevitable target which she has been aiming to reach and which now heralds the end of all waiting, wondering, hoping and strife.

She knows that, in fact, what she holds gently in her arms is just another beautiful beginning and that it is, now, certainly, in part at least, her words, her thoughts her nurturing and the very same loving intent which created that wonderful being, which must now begin to shape and influence his or her destiny so that in time they might become a wonderful being of light and a vehicle for Divine inspiration which will transform lives, touch hearts and reaffirm, once again that, through love, all things are, indeed, possible, even the awakening of the most stubborn mind and the soothing of the most hardened heart.

There is never a point within this process when the enlightened mother says “Ooh, I’m loving this vodka and these cigarettes. Oooooh, I wonder what sort of kid I’ll get? Oh, who cares, I only half believe it’s coming anyway. Chances are, soon as it’s born, I’ll probably just cast it out into the world and see what happens. Oh who knows what’ll happen when it’s born, I certainly don’t. I’m not a fortune-teller. No one can actually really know, anyway, can they?!!!” She knows, just as we now know, that the future is within the hands of those who are brave enough to dream of a better time and to take this dream, hold fast to it and nurture it with all our hearts, souls, minds and every iota of our ever-evolving consciousness, until it comes fully into being.

So, what is the truth about 2012? Well the truth is simply that there is no simple truth about this or about anything else. The truth is, as always, a moment of realisation waiting to be created, discovered and rediscovered anew and even one second after it is discovered, waiting to become a trivial nugget which is subject to scrutiny and altered by our ever-changing perceptions.

Therefore, like everything else and every other possibility which exists in our lives and within our many worlds 2012 can either signal the dawn of a new time of peace, love, joy and blissful soul level consciousness on earth or it can signal a time of continued apathy, control, restriction and disappointment as we wait quietly and wonder what will happen next. Which one of these truths do you truly choose?

The choice has been ever-present at many junctures throughout time. It was there at the time of The Christ, it was there during the renaissance in Europe, it was there in 1967, it is here, now, in 2008 and it will still be with us in 2012. It is indeed always just a thought and a choice away.....

Love, Light and Blessings to all.
©2008 Diane Hall

Wishing you all, as always, a Divinely Guided and inspired weekend...
Love, Light,peace and Angel Blessings


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