Friday, September 19, 2008

The complete idiot's guide to 2012

A manual of sorts for the layman who knows nothings about the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 and how understanding the prophecy could help us understand how this change affects us as a species.

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth cycle. According to the Mayan belief system, it is a time of great spiritual renewal which means big change in life as we know it. And if you don’t believe the Mayans, you can check in with The Bible Code, The Nostradamus Code, or The Orion Prophecy, all of which suggest a global event to occur on planet earth around 2012. This book gives readers a look at what the Mayan prophecy is all about, what it means to them, and much more.

•Addresses Mayan predictions about global warming and climate change
•Includes a glossary of terms and symbols, resources for a changing world, and exercises to assist the reader in their journey
•The existence of almost 600,000 websites on 2012 indicates a huge fascination with this subject

Colin Andrews writes ...

The Mayan astronomers of the past were true mathematical scholars. Through continuous study and observation of the night sky they developed knowledge of the mechanisms of the universe. In addition, they may have been the first recorded explorers of consciousness. Using techniques of the mind we are now rediscovering they delved into the mysteries of time, energy, the interconnections of time and space, and synchronicity. Through their eyes we learn that we are part of natural cycles and connections previously beyond our scope of understanding.

A new book, co-authored by me and my wife Synthia, is due to be published by the popular series, The Complete Idiots Guide in October 2008.

Synthia and I have been given help from native people, scientists and well known writers on this subject. Our eyes have been opened and we have changed through the process of writing this book. The book ranges from
native prophecy through new age channels and scientific collaboration. We weed misconceptions from facts. The journey into 2012 encompasses earth changes, sustainable living and a journey into our own souls. We hope you enjoy the expedition.

Publishers : Penguin Group USA


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