Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UFOs Sunspot Cycles CMEs : Nassim Haramein

In the following video, Nassim Haramein is featured on a TV show discussing how massive UFOs are using our Sun as a Stargate and how there is a direct co-relation between these UFOs entering the Sun and the CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) that follow soon after, as also seen in the video evidence captured on NASA's SOHO probe which observes solar activity round the clock. This video excerpt is taken from Weird or What, a TV series hosted by William Shatner.

Towards the end of the video William Shatner rather over dramatizes the whole UFO and CME connection as though these occurrences were intended to harm the Earth in some way, which could otherwise be seen as a natural occurrence ... in Galactic terms ! These plasma ejections however do pose a threat to our worlds' electronic devices and could also cause a massive blackout, perhaps also disrupting the usual flow of food supplies and other stuff our world runs on ... All this change will definitely bring humanity together as ONE, as we collectively awaken to a new reality and begin co-creating our new world !

Also, quite interestingly Nassim also mentions in one of his early videos (Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library Talk) that during his research he found out that the NASA SOHO probe was owned by the Vatican, who recently released a public statement about how it is ok to believe in the existence of our space brothers ! Hmmmm ... :)

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