Thursday, February 17, 2011

UFO Sighted Over Jerusalem and Utah

There has been a flurry of similar UFO sightings over the Dome of the Rock (An Islamic Shrine) in Jerusalem & Utah the last few weeks. In the videos below the UFO is seen descending almost to the level of the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, the spot where the Al Aksa Mosque stands and the Jewish Holy of Holies is believed to have been located once. The footage below was taken on January 28th 2011.

The Utah UFO Sighting which also happened around the same time the Jerusalem UFO was filmed on camera by a number of individuals. Some locals, some tourists visiting the Holy Land !

This one has these red UFOs dropping what looks like flares however unlike something ever seen before. After having watched the video footage above it seems unlikely these were of extraterrestrial origin.

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