Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mayan Prophecies & Crop Circles : An Extraordinary Connection !

Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles : An Extraordinary Connection is a UFO TV Documentary about the stunning connection between the Crop Circles and Mayan Prophecies that goes back thousands of years.

Scholars and researchers have discovered an extraordinary connection between rare ancient 6000 year old Sumerian symbols, ancient symbols from the mysterious Mayan calendar, and a group of amazing signs and symbols found among crop circle formations believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, that are now appearing in the farmlands of the English countryside.

THREE TIME AWARD WINNER - International UFO Congress EBE Awards, Best Documentary, Best Historical Documentary and Peoples Choice Award.

What are these symbols collectively trying to say? Scientists believe that we are looking at a great symbolic message system, covering vast distances of historical time and space.

However only now with the aid of advanced code breaking technology and the hard work of brilliant researchers, we have been able to connect the dots of antiquity, further unlocking a detailed set of messages that foretell a great prophecy about the future of our planet and confirmation of humanities extraterrestrial origins.

Source : UFO TV

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Anonymous July 19, 2012 at 9:12 PM  

With the advent of GPS its much easier to create elaborate crop circles, did you see the elvis head circle, very easy go fake what appears to be some sort of UFO based crop circle, and the circles have increased with our advancement in computers, so hoaxers can make them better and faster and more elaborate. The alien head circle looks like the alien head from the early star trek tv show, so hats off the the hoaxers, who have obviously fooled most of the public and the scientific community

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