Friday, August 28, 2009

UFOs : Billy Meier & The Pleiadian Connection

In 1975, Eduard 'Billy' Meier, a humble Swiss farmer, began a series of personal contacts with extraterrestrial beings from a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades.

The information contained in this fascinating two part series is based on Billy Meier's many incredible conversations with 'Semjase,' a Pleiadian cosmonaut. Author / Lecturer, Randolph Winters and Researcher / Lecturer, Michael Horn who have been studying this UFO case for many years, share Pleiadian messages about Earth's history, man's spiritual development, the laws of creation, how the Pleiadian cosmonauts use beamships for interstellar travel and many more fascinating subjects.

Includes remarkably accurate, prophetic, scientific, and world event related information, published by Billy Meier from his contacts with the Pleiadians, years to even decades before the events actually occurred.

Features two spellbinding full-length programs and an unprecedented collection of over 10 spectacular photographs and film footage of real Pleiadian Beamship spacecraft in flight. Includes two feature length programs: The Pleiadian Connection and The Meier Contacts.

Buy UFOs : The Pleiadian Connection (DVD)

Download The Pleiadian Connection by Randolph Winters

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