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Gregg Braden : Awakening To Zero Point - The Collective Initiation

Gregg Braden's Awakening To Zero Point is all about the process of unprecedented change unfolding within the earth. We are part of the change. Without knowledge of the artificial boundaries of religion, science, or ancient mystic traditions, the change is characterized as dramatic shifts in the physical parameters of Earth accompanied by a rapid transformation in human understanding, perception, and experience. This time is historically referred to as "The Shift of the Ages."

"We are going through a time of tremendous change". With archaeological research and stunning visual evidence, Braden reveals the geophysical shifts predicted centuries ago – how the shift to "zero-point" influences our emotions, immune systems, and even our genetic code – and how each of us can use the Five Essene Tenets of Compassion to help trigger a new era for humankind.

As science witnesses events for which there are no reference points of comparison, ancient traditions say that the timetable is intact; the events of "The Shift" are happening now. Each event carries with it a similar message, and is a by-product of something much more significant than the event itself. During key moments in human history, wisdom has been offered allowing individuals to experience rapid change without fear. This is one of those moments. You are living the completion of a cycle that began nearly 200,000 years ago, and a process of initiation that was demonstrated over 2,000 years ago.

Are these the lost keys to the next phase of human evolution? Gregg Braden invites viewers to watch, listen, and decide for themselves – as he takes them on an unforgettable excursion Beyond Zero Point.

Here is an excerpt ...

Introduction to Awakening To Zero Point....

...My intent in offering this material now is to provide a concise and accurate synthesis of the events unfolding within our solar system, within our world and within each living cell of our bodies, as all are related. It is my goal, and sincere hope, that the information within these pages will provide continuity to our understanding of planetary, human and personal evolution.

Our lives, our day-to-day experiences of pleasure, pain and all that we have ever felt, touched, created or uncreated (nothing is ever destroyed) have occurred as components of an ongoing process. This process is preparing us to accept and gracefully accommodate tremendous change within our world and our bodies. The processes unfolding are about us, of us and for us. Through the offering of the Awakening material, a vocabulary may be remembered and continuity developed within which we may express outwardly that which we are feeling within. In the outward expression, our memory becomes anchored even more firmly into the world, becoming even more accessible to others.

Awakening to Zero Point is intended to offer a context within which to view the phenomenon of our lives and this time in history I believe that we have outgrown the need to compartmentalize our knowing world into artificial boundaries of "religion, "metaphysics or "science. These terms are examples of a language that has attempted to categorize our experience into discrete packages of knowledge. Our journey into the quantum world of the atom, human genetics, the exploration of Earth and space has demonstrated that our imposed boundaries are temporal in nature. In creation there is no geology, physics, biology and chemistry There are simply patterns of energy within patterns of energy, each expressing as observable systems.

Our language and beliefs have divided into many that which is one, contributing to our illusion of separation. There can be no separation in that which is one. Perhaps more accurately, all must be embraced as a portion of the whole in a world of unity Our delineation of these patterns has served us well, bringing us to the point where we see that there are no boundaries in the study of our world. Beyond persuading, convincing or redefining any existing belief system, this text is designed to simply remind you of possibilities.

Though Awakening to Zero Point transcends religion, science and metaphysics you may see how religion, metaphysics and the sciences developed surrounding a core body of information that has been distorted through translations and interpretations. You may ask, if this text is not scientific, metaphysical or religious in its nature, then what is it? I invite you to receive Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation as information, without category or label, representing all possibilities without the boundaries of what "should be.

We may ask others out of choice, and we no longer need to do so out of necessity All answers relevant to us live within us, as the experiences that we masterfully create as our lives. Our map of truth resides within the living intelligence that breathes as each cell of our bodies, pulsating life force throughout every aspect of our being. We have grown beyond the search that has collectively beckoned to us from our outside world.

Now, in this lifetime of completion, we are reminded that our truth lives within. It has been with us throughout every facet of our journey patiently awaiting the time when we could acknowledge and accept. It is the search that has brought us the lessons, the relationships, the mirror of others so that we could arrive at the point where we are in this moment, back to ourselves.

Almost universally, everyone feels it. Something has changed. Something feels different now, during these days. Everyone feels a shift on some level to some degree. The tension of tumultuous change, poised, positioned, enabled. Some describe it as electric, as a low-level anxiety Others simply state their feeling that something is about to happen, something big! Some individuals feel it rippling throughout every cell in their body perceiving that time, and their lives, are speeding up. Others are experiencing a new kind of confusion, as if nothing in their lives really fits any longer.

Their world is changing so rapidly that they feel out of control, perhaps unable to keep up. To those having difficulty in "letting go and flowing with the change, the feelings may be uncomfortable, even painful. There can be no denying that today in your life, now, is a time of unprecedented change. Regardless of what levels of distinction are used to view world events, the systems that provide the infrastructure to life and society inclusive of personal systems such as health, finance and relationships, are in a state of dynamic flux. Something is happening!

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The Twelve September 9, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

A new book on 2012 comes out tomorrow call THE TWELVE

"{THE TWELVE} proves the point: The 2012 prophecy is true – something wonderful is going to happen in 2012, and its anticipation is seeping into all of us. The success of your work can only contribute to the mass awakening which is so essential for the opening to higher consciousness that awaits all of us.

Building your story on a mythic, even archetypal template is also fascinating: The one message that comes through this search is to always follow the synchronicities that appear in your life. Synchronicity is divine grace, the magnet drawing us all to 2012. The book is something like looking into a parallel-universe mirror." ~
Jose Arguelles - Mayan scholar, world authority on 2012, creator of the Harmonic Convergence event of over one million people, author of The Mayan Factor

THE TWELVE is the story of Max’s journey – from birth through December 21, 2012, the date that Mayan prophecy predicts the world will end. Readers are drawn deep into Max’s life – childhood triumphs; expulsion from Yale; first loves and a broken marriage; as well as careers in publishing and film production, the latter involving travel to the far reaches of the globe. It’s also the search for The Twelve, as Max strives to understand his childhood vision and uncover why he is supposed to unite twelve very different people. Ultimately, it comes down to one date, one location, and one mission, as the fate of humanity rests in the balance. In this extraordinary and unforgettable novel, William Gladstone, a successful businessman educated at Yale and Harvard, draws on many of his own life experiences to create this dramatic story. “Much of what happens to Max happened to me,” he explains. “I was born on the same day and had a near death experience when I was fifteen. Max’s career and travels mirror my own life,” he continues. “THE TWELVE has been written to entertain, educate, intrigue, and perhaps even enlighten those who question the meaning of the Mayan calendar and the importance of 2012 . . . It is a journey that links the mysterious legends of The Twelve from ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, American Indian, Christian, Celtic, and aboriginal cultures to speculation about what will occur in 2012.” After reading THE TWELVE, people will wonder what they can do to transform the world and shift earth’s destiny as 2012 draws near. As noted author and philosopher Ervin Laszlo says, “We live in critical times – the future of all of humankind hangs in the balance. THE TWELVE calls attention to this mind-boggling situation in a way that’s more effective than any scientific or political treatise. The reader becomes part of The Twelve and so part of the solution – a unique concept and a unique feat. A must-read!”

Mike Pingel September 9, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

Let me know if you would like to receive a book.

Well it's coming....did you know? William Gladstone’s compelling new novel, The Twelve which takes readers on a hopeful fantastic journey to December 21, 2012.

Book Video:

2012 marks the end of the world – at least that’s what the ancient Mayans believed. With over 196 million hits on Google for 2012, mounting interest in this prophecy has become a cultural phenomenon. In his new novel, THE TWELVE, William Gladstone, an expert on the implications and impact of 2012 and ancient religions, draws on his own life experiences to create the dramatic story of Max Doff – and his whirlwind journey from birth to December 21, 2012

Author, William Galdstone who is a well known literary agent who has done over 5,000 literary deals, created the Waterside Technical Book Conferences, and has been involved in the creation of several digital publishing enterprises, including the first print-on-demand book publishing company.

Website: www.

Please let me know if you would like to set up an interview! I can also send out a book for reivew.

Mike Pingel

Laurie Johansen December 5, 2012 at 4:24 PM  

If we are awakened to zero point and have developed an affliction of zero tolerance to (Chemical sensitivities) man made destructive and corruptible products/industries for power-"dirty energy" such as diesel, petro chemicals, waste incinerators...etc. In this case is the "zero tolerance" related to "zero point"? I live on the West Coast and this suddenly developed last year and I have had to relocate...just curious about this possibility...would help to make sense and understand all that is happening and will continue to happen as we approach this exciting time in earth's history.

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