Friday, April 3, 2009

2012 Prophecy Panel With George Noory

George Noory from Coast to Coast AM Radio presents an interesting discussion among well known 2012 researchers and scholars such as David Wilcock, Sean David Morton, John Hogue, Daniel Munoz who present their viewpoints on 2012 and all associated end time prophecies. John Hogue teaches rogue prophecy and is considered a world recognized authority on Nostradamus. Sean David Morton, one of Americas premiere futurists, is Director of the Prophecy Research Institute. Daniel Munoz is a Mexican journalist and researcher has specialized in the study of prophecy for over two decades.

Saeed David Farman is the Founder and Int'l Group Leader of 'Alienshift' New Hope for Humanity. Alienshift is an International Organization with different groups and affiliates around the Globe. Their goal is to make Close Encounters of 5th kinds with the positive service to all Aliens of all races for possible colonization of other planets and or safe lift off and landing during and after the coming Pole Shift 2012.

In part 2 of this discussion video a man in the crowd expresses his sentiments on the ongoing proceeding rather dramatically followed by an insightful talk about shifting electromagnetics, earth chakra points, ascension, crop circle representation of the celestial alignment of planets in 2012 and the harmonic convergence underway now !

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