Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terence McKenna On 2012, UFOs And Shamanism

Terence McKenna, the renowned ethnobotanist, psychonaut, writer, philosopher.. among the many titles he earned while studying the use of psychedelics, plant hallucinogens from the Shamanic perspective all through his life and left with us a whole legacy on the mystical connection between Psychedelics, UFO, Astral Travel other related Occult & Paranormal Phenomena !

Terence McKenna aligns himself somewhat with Jaques Valles' position on the flying saucer phenomena and what it could mean. They were coming from different angles when they discussed the phenomena of the 'saucer' and what it meant but in comparison to most past and current 'UFOlogy' they were light-years ahead and shared common ground. This rotates about the point that the saucer is perhaps a metaphor or thermostat for periods of high strangeness on both a personal and collective level of Carl Jung. In addition McKenna's experience is briefly outlined in these audio streams and he makes a crucial point again missed by most researchers in this area.

Terence McKenna On 2012, UFOs And Shamanism Part 1

Terence McKenna On 2012, UFOs And Shamanism Part 2

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Anonymous April 9, 2011 at 2:01 AM  

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