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Time is Holographic

Moving into Holographic or Multi-Dimensional Time : The Next Phase in the Indigo-Crystal Transition by Celia Fenn !

The next phase in the Indigo-Crystal transition is unfolding. The transition scheduled for April is already under way. Archangel Michael has asked me to write this short article to assist those of you who are feeling the new waves of energy as they reach the planet and cause changes and shifts in consciousness. My thanks also to David, who has, as always, helped me to formulate these ideas into verbal concepts.

We have reached a time in history when calenders, and the concept of time and space, as we have always known them, are coming to an end. The Egyptian and Mayan calendars are completing in our time, and we are birthing into a new conception of time and space.

This switchover was originally scheduled for 2012 in the Mayan system, but because of the arrival on the planet of large numbers of Crystal children, and the rapid transition to Crystal consciousness by many adults, the collective consciousness of Planet Earth is now ready to make the shift.

The shift is to a new way of being - a new kind of consciousness the is now ready to birth or emerge among us in the next lunar cycle. This is something to be celebrated! The true emergence of the Christ or Crystal child into human consciousness.

Linear Time: Moving Down a Time Line (in the Third Dimension)

For many thousands of years humans have worked with Linear or Third Dimensional Time. This involves moving down a timeline from birth to death. In the course of this linear journey, one accumulates material goods and possessions, which create the security that humans feel they need in life. This security is against the belief in poverty, lack and scarcity, and we spend much of our life journey ensuring that these things will never catch up with us. In fact, most of the vast systems that run our lives - banking, commerce and finance - are geared exactly to the emotions of fear related to the belief that disasters occur as we move down the time line from the past into an uncertain future.

In Linear thinking, the past and the future are always the determinants of where we are today. Where we have come from and where we are going to. And we live our lives accordingly.

But, at the present moment, as we experience the Shift of the Ages, linear time is ceasing, and all the concepts and beliefs that underpin it are no longer valid.

That is why we are seeing increasing chaos and anger as those still trapped in Linear time and thinking find that nothing "works" any longer. They Linear Time system is experiencing "complete system failure".

Moving into Holographic or Multi-Dimensional Time

In the next few weeks, those of us who are ready at this point will be making the shift into multi-dimensional or holographic time frames. It is expected that soon most people will have to make the choice as to which time frame they wish to inhabit. Many will vacillate between the two for a while, but ultimately those who are making the choice for the New Earth and Higher Consciousness, will move fully into Holographic Time.

When you enter this Time space you cease moving down the linear time line. Past and Future have no real meaning at all. The only point of meaning is the present moment - NOW. At this point we enter into cyclical or spherical form of consciousness, where we move upwards into ever higher levels of consciousness. The most important step you can make to encourage this process is to stop "rushing" from place to place, whether literally or emotionally, and be present where you are. Ground yourself, and then you can start building a higher consciousness frame called a hologram, that will eventually encompass the entire planet and all other beings on the planet.

When you start to create or access your true holographic field, or the true nature of your multi-dimensional being, you are also able to access the Earth's planetary hologram which is the true nature of the Earth's being. And this is a state of Abundance and Peace and Love.

Then you realize that you have no need to rush down timelines accumulating wealth against a disaster. Because in our true multi-dimensional state we always have access to the Earth's core nature of abundance. We always have what we need, and we are always cared for. It is our right as inhabitants of the Earth. We have been manipulated by those in charge of Time Line living to believe that the contrary is true. Now is the time to reclaim our birthright as multi-dimensional citizens of Planet Earth.

Guidelines for Shifting into the New Consciousness

Living in the NOW : Past and Future have no meaning:The only point of power and meaning is NOW. And what you think and feel and experience in the now will determine your entire experience of life. If you can release anxiety and fear and anger in the now, then these emotions will not be determinants of your entire life experience.

Remember - what you feel now and what you do now- are what determine your reality.

Make a consciousness choice to live from your higher consciousness reality rather than from the disintegrating third dimensional reality.

Living in Joy and Gratitude: Remember that your "natural" multi-dimensional or holographic state of being radiates out from essential states of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness,Creativity. Make the choice to live your life from this level rather than from levels of anxiety, anger and fear.

Living in the Certainty that you Always have Enough: This is the true source of abundance. Knowing that the Earth is abundant and that you will always be cared for. You may not accumulate great wealth. In fact, it is not advisable, for this excess will "weight" you down and prevent your rising to higher levels of consciousness. But living with the certainty of only enough for now is difficult for many of us, who have been conditioned to believe that we have to provide for an undetermined future. But the more we truly believe in the abundance of NOW, the more it will manifest in our lives.

Living in the Knowledge of your Own Perfection and that of Others : In multi-dimensional or holographic consciousness you are always in contact with the perfection of who you are. And you understand and see the perfection of others.

In this place - you consistently make choices for your life based on the highest good and the innate perfection of all things.

You treat your body with love and respect, providing it with the most loving foods and clothing that you can. And you treat others with equal respect and love.




Anonymous September 17, 2009 at 7:14 AM  

That's wonderful, thank you so much for this information :)

Anonymous September 17, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

This information carries such a synchronous reality in our life events!
Thank you.

Rohaan February 17, 2010 at 5:19 AM  

The movie if anything has popularized the year 2012 and did nothing to credit the Maya calendrical system. In fact the Mayan Calendar is more an item of ridicule to the mainstream public. In my efforts to validate the Maya calendrical system I have published my first empirically (scientific) based study of the Tzolkin. The results of my study show a very strong correlation of spikes in earthquake frequency and intensity with key Tzolkin cycle dates.
Ypou and your readers may review my findings at Scientific Evidence for the Tzolkin Cycle.

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